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Eva Scheltens

Eva is founder of ExPet Vets and got inspired by her own experiences as an expatriate. She was born in Uruguay and lived in Ecuador, Argentina, Tanzania, Suriname, Belgium and The Netherlands.


Everywhere she went, she brought her pets along. She knows from personal experiences how complicated and stressful the preparation of the relocation and the travel itself can be. Working as a vet in international communities gave her insight in how to prepare pet relocations from a veterinary point of view.


With her passion for animals and her experience and knowledge, she wants to improve the wellbeing of pets during relocation processes, and minimize preparation stress by dealing with all veterinary aspects, so the clients don’t have to.   


Marloes van Elderen

Marloes is co-founder of ExPet Vets and got inspired by expats asking her for help. She is a vet who works in a small animal practice and in Apenheul Primate Park. Over the years she gained experience in animal transports and has had many expatriates as clients who she couldn’t give the help they needed due to a lack of time.


The primary task of a veterinarian is to ensure animal health. Emigrating is not only exciting for you as an owner but also for your pet. As a vet her goal of this company is primarily to make the journey for your pet as comfortable as possible. On top of that her goal is to reduce your concerns and help you wherever she can.


About us

ExPet Vets has been established to provide reliable and safe pet travel services in the Netherlands. Moving your pet will take a lot of administration, time management and veterinary care. We are here to help you. We will do all administration required and provide pre-travel veterinary visits and document preparation as well as validation. We perform all required tests, examinations and treatments to prepare your pet for export to your destination.

The mission of ExPet Vets is to take expats’ care for the preparation of their pet transport off hands.


Our vision is to be the link between different agencies that are involved in the transport of expats’ pets.

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